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      Classification Of Machine Tools

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        1. Ordinary machine tools: including ordinary lathes, drilling machines, boring machines, milling machines, planer slotting machines, etc.;

        2. Precision machine tools: including grinders, gear processing machine tools, thread processing machine tools and various other precision machine tools;

        3. High-precision machine tools: including coordinate boring machines, gear grinders, thread grinders, high-precision gear hobbing machines, high-precision marking machines and other high-precision machine tools, etc.;

        4. CNC machine tool: CNC machine tool is the abbreviation of digital control machine tool;

        5. According to the size of the workpiece and the weight of the machine tool, it can be divided into instrument machine tools, medium and small machine tools, large machine tools, heavy machine tools and super heavy machine tools;

        6. According to the machining accuracy, it can be divided into ordinary precision machine tools, precision machine tools and high precision machine tools;

        7. According to the degree of automation, it can be divided into manual operation machine tools, semi-automatic machine tools and automatic machine tools;

        8. According to the control mode of the machine tool, it can be divided into profiling machine tool, program control machine tool, CNC machine tool, adaptive control machine tool, machining center and flexible manufacturing system;

        9. According to processing methods or processing objects, it can be divided into lathes, drilling machines, boring machines, grinders, gear processing machines, thread processing machines, spline processing machines, milling machines, planers, slotting machines, broaching machines, special processing machine tools, sawing machines and scribing machines Wait. Each category is divided into several groups according to its structure or processing objects, and each group is divided into several types;

        10. According to the scope of application of machine tools, it can be divided into general-purpose, specialized and special-purpose machine tools.

        There is an automatic or semi-automatic machine tool based on standard general-purpose parts and a small number of special parts designed according to the specific shape of the workpiece or the processing technology, called modular machine tools.

        For the processing of one or several parts, a series of machine tools are arranged in sequence according to the process, and equipped with automatic loading and unloading devices and automatic workpiece transfer devices between the machine tools and the machine tools. This group of machine tools is called an automatic cutting production line.

        The flexible manufacturing system is composed of a set of digitally controlled machine tools and other automated process equipment. It is controlled by an electronic computer and can automatically process workpieces with different procedures and can adapt to multiple varieties of production.

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