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      Rotation And Transmission Of Machine Tools

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        Machine movement

        According to the role played in the cutting process, the cutting motion is divided into main motion and feed motion.

        Main motion: It is the work motion that forms the cutting speed of the machine tool or consumes the main power.

        Feed motion: It is a work motion that continuously removes the excess material of the workpiece.

        There is only one main motion during the cutting process, and more than one feed motion can be used. The main movement and the feed movement can be completed by the tool or the workpiece separately, or by the tool alone. In addition to the cutting motion of the machine tool, there are some auxiliary motions that must be performed to realize the auxiliary work of the machine tool cutting process.

        Machine tool transmission

        The transmission mechanism of the machine tool refers to the mechanism that transmits movement and power, and is referred to as the transmission of the machine tool.

        The transmission mode of the machine tool is divided into mechanical transmission, hydraulic transmission, electric transmission, pneumatic transmission and combined transmission of the above transmission modes according to the characteristics of the transmission mechanism. According to the characteristics of transmission speed adjustment change, the transmission is divided into stepped transmission and stepless transmission.

        Transmission System

        The transmission system is also called a transmission chain. It has two end pieces. The head end piece is also called the active piece, and the end piece is also called the driven piece. Each transmission system from the head end piece to the end piece is composed according to a certain transmission law, which is the transmission ratio to ensure the performance of the machine tool. General machine tool transmission system can be divided into main motion transmission system, feed motion transmission system and fast idle stroke transmission system according to the nature of the movement it undertakes. A general understanding of the transmission system diagram is sufficient.

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