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      Introduction To Planer

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        In the process of invention, many things are often complementary and interlocking: in order to make a steam engine, a boring machine is needed; after the invention of the steam engine, the planer began to call for the planer from the technological requirements. It can be said that it was the invention of the steam engine that led to the design development of the "work machine" from boring machines and lathes to planers. In fact, a planer is a "plane" for planing metal.

        Planer for processing large planes (1839). Due to the need for planar processing of steam engine valve seats, many technicians have begun research in this area since the beginning of the 19th century, including Richard Robert, Richard Pratt, James Fox and Joseph Clement, etc. . Starting in 1814, they independently manufactured planers in 25 years. This type of planer is to fix the processed object on the reciprocating platform, and the planer cuts one side of the processed object. However, this planer does not yet have a knife feeding device, and is in the process of transforming from "tools" to "mechanics". In 1839, a British man named Bommard finally designed a planer with a knife delivery device.

        A bull's head planer for processing small surfaces. Another Englishman, Na Smith, invented and manufactured a bull's head planer for processing small planes in 40 years from 1831. It can fix the processed object on the bed and the tool moves back and forth.

        Since then, due to the improvement of tools and the appearance of electric motors, the planer has developed towards high-speed cutting and high-precision on the one hand, and on the other hand to the direction of large-scale development.

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