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      Common Problems Of Bearing Housing

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        Wear problem

        Abrasion is a common problem of bearing housings, and the phenomenon of bearing housing wear often occurs.

        Repair method

        Traditional methods generally use machining after surfacing to repair, and surfacing will cause the surface of the component to reach a high temperature, causing component deformation or cracking, and obtaining the size through machining will greatly extend the downtime. The use of polymer composite materials for on-site repair has no thermal influence, and the thickness of the repair is not limited. The wear resistance of the product and the concession that the metal material does not have, ensure 100% contact and coordination of the repair part and reduce equipment The shock and vibration avoid the possibility of wear. On-site repair, avoiding machining methods.

        Repair process

        Generally only takes four steps:

        1. Surface treatment, the bearing seat surface will need to be repaired to remove oil and moisture;

        2. Reconcile repair materials;

        3. Apply the material, evenly apply the material to the repair part of the bearing seat, and the filling is strong;

        4. Waiting for the material to solidify, the surface of the material can be properly heated to accelerate the material solidification.

        The general bearing chamber wear can be repaired in 3-6 hours. The operation is simple and easy to learn, no special equipment and special training are required. Compared with laser welding, cold welding and other technologies, it saves time and effort, and the cost is only 1/5 of the general repair cost. 1/10, on-site repair reduces equipment repair time and transportation costs.

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