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      Turntable Structure Of Bearing Housing

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        The slewing bearing housing is a large and extra-large bearing housing that can accept comprehensive loads and has a special structure. It has the characteristics of compact structure, sensitive rotation, and convenient device maintenance. Compared with ordinary bearing housings, slewing bearing housings have the following obvious features:

        1. Dimensions

        The diameter of is usually 0.4cm~10m, up to 40m.

        2. High bearing capacity

        Ordinary can accept axial load, radial load and overturning moment load together.

        3. Low speed

        The task speed is lower than 10r/min, and in a few cases, it does not rotate one after another, but only rotates within a certain angle to make a swing movement.

        4. With bearing housing device hole

        It can be fastened on the upper and lower supports with screws.

        5. Without pivot

        The inner ring or outer ring is equipped with a rotating drive gear.

        6. With smooth oil hole and sealed installation.

        The important construction methods of the slewing bearing housing are distinguished: four-point contact ball slewing bearing housing, double row angular contact thrust ball slewing bearing housing, interspersed cylindrical roller slewing bearing housing, interspersed tapered roller slewing bearing housing, and three-row cylindrical roller fit Turntable bearing housing.

        According to whether it can be equipped with teeth and the scattered parts of the gears, it can be divided into different structures such as non-tooth type, external tooth type or internal tooth type.

        Among them, the four-point contact ball slewing bearing housing has a higher static load capacity, and the interpenetrating cylindrical roller slewing bearing housing has a higher dynamic load bearing capacity. The interspersed tapered roller slewing bearing housing can improve the support rigidity and rotation accuracy by applying preload. The three-row cylindrical rollers with the turntable bearing housing increase the height of the bearing housing to improve the bearing capacity. Different raceways can accept the load identification. Therefore, under the same stress condition, the diameter of the bearing housing can be greatly reduced, so that the main engine More compact, it is a slewing bearing housing with high load capacity.

        Slewing bearing housing is generally used for large-scale rotary installation of lifting and transporting machinery, mining machinery, construction machinery, port machinery, marine machinery and high-precision radar.

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