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        Jiyuan  Xinxin Machinery Co,.Ltd. was founded in 2002.

        It is located in Huling Industrial Park, Jiyuan City, Henan Province ,China

        We have been committed to the precision machining,manufacturing ,maintenance and assembly of bearing housings and reducer cases for many years.

        We have a Taiwan Dali DCM-4225(40 tool magazine) at our Longmen machining center.

        We have the Taiwan Dali horizontal double worktable MCH-800(60 tool magazine) at our machining center, as well as boring machines, milling machines, vertical lathes, large plane die and a number of other pieces of precision machining equipment.

        Our main business operations include the processing and manufacturing of military apparatus, metallurgical machinery, mining equipment etc.

        We have provided various types of rolling mills bearing housings, straighteners bearing housings and reduction case products, as well as various specifications of straightener and rolling mill products for dozens of iron and steel enterprises in China.

        Our main customers are: Taiyuan Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd., Taiyuan Mining Group Company alongside many other domestic steel factories.

        Our consistent high quality and reliable delivery times mean we are favored by many domestic and foreign customers. Consequently, our metallurgical bearing housings and reducer housings are sold to the United States, India, Turkey, Thailand, Japan and Russia.

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